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Welcome to Community Food Growing in Leicester City

From April 2018 to March 2020, TCV is working together with Leicester City Council to provide a unique opportunity to support and develop community food growing in Leicester. By growing food within the City we’re helping to reduce food miles, produce food that can be grown organically and shared locally.

We would like young people to get into the habit of choosing fruit and veg to eat this will help reduce childhood obesity, poor diet and associated ill-health. Growing their own is a great way to encourage children and young people to try eating the edible plants they’ve grown. 

We are offering community support to get started in growing by encouraging existing groups of people to grow food as an activity in life. We want to give individuals and families the chance to learn new skills and help with getting access to knowledge in horticulture, cooking, tools & equipment needed for growing and the places to acquire seeds and edible plants.

We are particularly aiming to increase food growing skills and knowledge in communities that may have limited access to food growing and its benefits. Supporting a community approach to support social interaction and increase health benefits within communities.

We know that across the city there is a wealth of good growers and there is a great potential for knowledge and skills to be shared to support others to develop.

This project is offering the chance for volunteers to learn and share their skills in growing edible plants; fruit and veg. We would like to talk to anyone who is willing to impart their knowledge of growing with others. In addition, we want to help people with very little knowledge be supported to help us deliver growing activity within the city.


We’re offering informal mentoring in horticulture & fund-raising as well as how to Lead People, Organising Activities. We can offer support to groups by encouraging them to join TCV's Community Network.   


Lucie Hoelmer, Operations Leader Leicester
Beech Room
Evington House
Evington Park

Mobile: 07917 436533
Landline: 0116 271 0178