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One of the Green Heroes 2012 award winners

Today, we celebrate our champions from across the UK who have made a positive environmental impact in their local communities as part of our annual Green Heroes Awards

Winners of The Conservation Volunteers' Green Heroes Awards were announced between11am – 2pm at a ceremony at Waterlow Park Centre, London.

Our Green Heroes Awards recognise winners from six categories: Partnership, Project Leader, Volunteer of the Year, Community, Green Skills and European awards.  

  • Volunteer of the Year winner: Pam Evans, Wales
  • Partnership Award winner: Camden Council, Parks and Open Spaces, London
  • Project Leader Award winner: Max Roclawski, Leeds
  • Community Award winner: Sefton Green Gym, Merseyside
  • Green Skills Award winner: William Clarke, Northern Ireland
  • European Award winner: La Team, International

Winners have been chosen for their outstanding commitment to volunteering and inspiring positive environmental change in their local communities as part of The Conservation Volunteers. 

Pam Evans, winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award said: "The Conservation Volunteers have given me a reason to get up in the morning and keep myself active and healthy while putting something back into my local community."

Projects winners have been involved with include clearance of a disused car parking area on an estate to turn it into a safe community space for families and young children, volunteer mentoring and turning an overgrown plot of land into an active Green Gym to inspire people to improve their health and environment simultaneously. 

The event was hosted by Rita Clifton, Chair of Trustees, The Conservation Volunteers, with 100 attendees, including key funders, supporters and staff. Highlights of the ceremony included screening of the Green Heroes film, which can be seen on our Green Heroes page, featuring interviews with winners, presentation of awards and tour of Waterlow Park, showcasing the environmental work of The Conservation Volunteers. 

We're delighted to be acknowledging these unsung heroes who give such an enormous amount of time and energy to bringing together local people to make better places to live. Without these individuals providing their unwavering support and commitment we would not be able to enjoy the green spaces we love and use every day. 

We hope that by highlighting the work of these remarkable people, it will inspire others to get involved in protecting the green spaces in their local communities and ensure that they remain here for future generations to enjoy.

Rita Clifton, Chair of Trustees, The Conservation Volunteers