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I Dig Trees - 400,000 and counting

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A happy group of tree planters

The brilliant I Dig Trees programme is supported by OVO Energy and their Greener Energy customers.

Together we’ve planted over 400,000 native trees in urban spaces and communities all over the UK.

I Dig Trees isn’t some corporate tree planting scheme held in a far away place. It’s designed to make a real difference in communities across the UK, reducing CO², improving green spaces and encouraging wildlife to set up home. OVO Energy joined thousands of TCV volunteers, and community groups, to get their hands dirty and improve cities, parks and schools.

See what we’ve accomplished together

Since May 2015, we have worked in partnership with OVO Energy to encourage thousands of volunteers and community groups to ‘join in, feel good’ by planting native trees in more than 1,200 green spaces across the UK.
The I Dig Trees programme provides free tree packs for community groups to plant in their local urban and green spaces, and opportunities for people to volunteer at organised tree planting events.

We asked our customers what additional benefits they’d like to see from our Greener Energy plan. The overwhelming response pointed towards ways to positively impact the local environment. With this in mind, we teamed up with The Conservation Volunteers to design a programme that helps local organisations and volunteers improve their local green spaces.

Lisa Williams, OVO Energy

Where the trees have been planted

408,000 trees were planted during the two winters 2015/16 and 2016/17. The map below shows where the trees have been planted

We are thrilled with the ‘I Dig Trees’ programme and to see that so many community groups and volunteers have participated in helping to plant over 400,000 trees. This partnership is very special to TCV and we are delighted to support OVO Energy and their commitment to make a real and lasting difference in local communities by reducing CO², improving green spaces and encouraging wildlife to set up home.

Darren York, TCV Managing Director

Like to learn more?

See why OVO Energy, under their Greener Energy tariff, is committed to the ‘I Dig Trees’ programme.

We would like to give a massive ‘high five’ and thank-you to all the volunteers, community groups, schools and of course staff from OVO Energy and TCV who have worked together to create new pockets of leafy green spaces in the heart of UK communities and planted a green legacy for the future!