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New Natural Talent traineeship vacancies

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Fly on a hazel leaf

Six brand new Natural Talent traineeships are now looking to be matched with six passionate nature enthusiasts.

Natural Talent traineeships are perfect for those looking to embark on a career in fields such as conservation, botanical recording, habitat surveying and many more.

There are six traineeships:

  • Mudflat Trainee
  • Invertebrates and lower plants of mires and heaths
  • Hemiptera as indicators of grassland management and quality
  • Marvellous Mudsnails
  • Peatlands and micro-moths
  • Species Discovery, Empowered Communities and the Edinburgh Shoreline

Based in various corners of the UK, each traineeship lasts 12 months and comes with a bursary.

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Natural Talent UK aims to increase expertise across the whole of the UK to protect our less well known species and create awareness of the habitats that supports them.

The programme responds to identified skills shortages in the conservation sector by providing trainees with the opportunity to develop an expertise in a specific taxonomic group, habitat or a mixture of both. Natural Talent UK will also increase the capacity of volunteers and communities to play an active role in surveying, mapping and taking an action to increase the biodiversity value of their local places.