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People in urban greenspace

A great video by Scottish Natural Heritage which celebrates the contribution that nature and landscapes make to the lives of people in Scotland’s town and cities. This film shows a range of exciting and creative projects connecting people with nature in urban centres.

The Conservation Volunteers is a key partner, helping Scottish Natural Heritage to improve the population’s health, local environment and the economy. This extended video features some of the great work being done.

There's a lovely little piece about the work of TCV, starting at 5:20

TCV in Scotland offers a wide range of environmental activity for all in helping to protect and enhance our local greenspace and biodiversity whilst also learning new skills, getting fitter, engaging with your environment and meeting other like-minded people.

We are also committed to providing a diverse range of high quality learning opportunities for a wide range of participants, we support local communities and can help you discover your 'inner scientist' and that hidden passion for nature.