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TCV's Scotland Counts project is supported by SNH, SEPA, the Scottish Government and Forestry Commission Scotland.  The project aims to ensure that every individual and community in Scotland has the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to understand their local environment through Citizen Science. 

Increasing public understanding of Citizen Science and confidence to participate

We promote Citizen Science, to ensure that people across Scotland understand how easy it is for everyone to get involved.  A Joint Public Briefing on Citizen Science has been published and can be accessed here.  Contact us to learn more about how to get involved in Citizen Science and develop your own projects. 

Facilitating community participation in Citizen Science

Working together to carry out Citizen Science in your local community will enable you to find out more about the environment and identify actions to improve your local green places for people and nature.  Participating in Citizen Science gets people outdoors, building connections with each other and developing new skills. Contact us for more information or see our Citizen Science in your community pages. 

Supporting Learning through Citizen Science

We develop Citizen Science projects which link with the Curriculum for Excellence, facilitate Lifelong Learning in the wider community and link with awards and accreditation. We share good practice widely throughout the education sector through our teacher training sessions and School Citizen Science Factsheets. Contact us to request a Factsheet pack or find out more about integrating Citizen Science into learning in your school or community.

Engaging new audiences with Citizen Science

TCV Scotland work proactively to ensure that volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds can get involved in collecting environmental information. Citizen Science is much more than just science. Getting involved is fun, helps develop skills and connection with others. It improves health and wellbeing and helps us all feel more connected to the nature around us.  We’re keen to continue working with people from all walks of life to collect more information about the environment do get in touch if you would like to work with us.

In partnership with OPAL we have created a ‘Citizen Science in Communities' film showcasing two community groups – Friends of the River Kelvin and Space to Grow. Our film illustrates Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring (CBEM) approach and highlights each community groups learning journey to becoming Citizen Scientists.

This film nicely compliments the Co-creation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring Citizen Science Pilot Projects and the shorter version Top Tips for Co-creation and CBEM Citizen Science Projects.


For further information about Scotland Counts, contact:

Amanda Malcolm
Citizen Science Coordinator
TCV in Scotland
Unit M1
143 Charles Street
G21 2QA

Tel: 0141 552 5294
Mobile: 07917 460488