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Butterfly Conservation's Bog Squad

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Background to the Butterfly Conservation Bog Squad project

Butterfly Conservation is a charitable based conservation organisation that provides advice, trains volunteers and supports projects that deliver habitat improvement for Butterflies and Moths across the UK. They also monitor seasonal changes and species density in a variety of surveys including a joint conservation and recording project, The Bog Squad.

How the Butterfly Conservation Bog Squad project work

Peatlands across the Central Belt are hidden gems in a landscape dominated by agriculture and urban settlements. These bogs are essential to the wellbeing of humans, such as improving water quality and storing carbon. As well as providing homes for butterflies and moths, restoring bogs will improve biodiversity, help prevent flooding and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands.

How Butterfly Conservation Bog Squad involves communities

Bog Squad volunteers get trained to do simple but vital habitat management work, such as damming ditches, removing scrub and pulling pine seedlings and the use of handtools, such as bow saws, mallets and loppers. Work also incorporate species monitoring or a habitat familiarisation walks exploring the fascinating plants and animals found here. An open exchange of knowledge and interests allow volunteers to learn to identify species in an informal way.  There is opportunity to take part in Butterfly surveys during the summer and investigate moth traps during the autumn. The work suits all abilities, but a steady footing is needed on uneven and boggy terrain.