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TCV Scotland is committed to providing a diverse range of high quality learning opportunities for a wide range of participants:

Environmental Training Programme 

Our environmental training programme provides high quality and competitively priced training for individuals working or volunteering with community and environmental projects across Scotland.

Discover Me - Child Led Play

Children and families learn, play, explore and discover.  Through outdoor family play sessions, Discover Me aims to promote health and wellbeing of children and families through increased contact with the natural world.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning works with pupils and teachers to engage and inspire them about biodiversity and conservation in their local environment through practical environmental activities, outdoor play, school ground development and accredited learning.

Accredited Learning

Our accredited learning programmes are aimed at young people and are designed to support them into employment, further education or a personally defined goal.

Employability and Skills

Our employability programmes provide an accredited outcome for participants in a supportive learning environment.  Through outdoor practical action young people embark on their own TCV.

Natural Talent 

Find out more about our ground-breaking initiative which started in 2006 and has delivered 44 high quality work-based apprenticeships and traineeships - training the next generation of naturalists.

Bespoke training

To arrange training courses tailored to your own team or group, please contact Tricia Burden.  We can also provide assistance with sourcing funding for any of our training programmes.