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Welcome to The Conservation Volunteers Humber & East Yorkshire.

Our practical volunteer group carries out many interesting and enlightening conservation tasks throughout the region. This is a great chance to learn new skills, meet new friends and enjoy the countryside while carrying out practical work to help conserve the environment.

How you could get involved

  • Day Task Conservation Group - carries out practical conservation projects throughout Humber and East Yorkshire. We run these every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the year and no experience is required. Meet new friends, learn a new skill and try something different. Contact our office to get your details on our mailing list
  • Volunteer Officer Programme - we offer regular opportunities to get more involved with TCV Humber & East Yorkshire by becoming a full time Volunteer Officer. Playing a key role in our organisation, this is an excellent chance to gain valuable work experience. See the Volunteer Officer Opportunities List for current vacancies.
  • Community projects - we can support a range of projects involving local communities in various parts of the county with advice and information on funding
  • Partnerships - TCV works in partnership with many organisations within the region - find out how we could work with YOUR organisation.


For more information please contact us:

Leah Hallas
TCV Conservation Centre
4 Goodwin Parade
Adelaide Street

Tel/Fax: 01482 620309

Mobile: 07825 056569