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It is only through feedback, both positive and negative on occasion, that TCV can continue to improve the way we work. We also recognise the importance of responding quickly and efficiently to complaints arising from our activities.

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Feedback or complaint
  How it is given How it is treated
  • Is given to be helpful.
  • No response is required.
  • Can be given verbally.
  • Local leaders will evaluate and decide any action.
  • Can be responded to immediately.
  • Can be recorded locally.
  • No appeal system.
  • A response is required.
  • Recompense may be required.
  • Objectively by People Services and delegated leaders.
  • Is recorded nationally and reported nationally.
  • Appeal system available.

The following procedure applies to complaints made about services supplied by TCV.

We strongly discourage broadcasting complaints through email or by other means, such as social networking sites. In the case where a complaint has been sent to parties other than the Complaints email address, responses may be delayed.

How to make a complaint

A complaint can be made in one of three ways:

The complainant must include the following in any correspondence:

  • What went wrong.
  • When and where it happened.
  • Who was involved.
  • Name, address and contact details (telephone and/or email).

All complaints are taken very seriously. They will be handled in confidence and will follow the procedure below to ensure our commitment to a quality service.

We will ensure confidentiality, but there may be the need to share information with those who need to know about the complaint to allow us to resolve it.  This information will be handled according to the Data Protection Act.

Dealing with complaints

1. Complaint Received

People Services will provide a written acknowledgement within 2 days of receipt. This will explain who is dealing with the complaint and enclose a copy of our Complaints and Feedback Procedure.

People Services will allocate the complaint to the most relevant leader or director for investigation. The leader/director will be selected based on the subject of the complaint.

Complaints relating to fundraising will also receive a copy of the FSB Fundraising Promise.

The complaint will be recorded and tracked by People Services to ensure it is dealt with in a timely manner.

All original complaints will be held for six years from date of receipt.

2. Responding to the Complaint

The investigator will consult all parties involved to establish the facts and a response will be provided on this basis.

The final response will be sent by the director/leader to the complainant, copied to People Services, within one month.

If a response is not received within one month People Services will take appropriate action, making the relevant director/leader aware.

Appropriate action as a result of a complaint may include:

  • Closing the investigation; having found the complaint unsubstantiated.
  • Taking no action; the complaint not being proven either way.
  • Reviewing procedures to prevent situations recurring.
  • Providing counselling.
  • Undertaking training or other developmental activity.
  • Restricting the activities that a volunteer may be involved in or the exclusion of a volunteer from participating in all TCV-led activities.

Anonymous Complaints

All written anonymous complaints will be logged as above. The relevant director will decide on the level of investigation into the complaint and the outcome will be recorded on file.


If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation and wishes to appeal, they may do so in writing to the People Services Department at TCV, Sedum House, Mallard Way, Doncaster, DN4 8DB formally requesting an appeal, which will be heard by a member of the Leadership Team. This must be done within one month of receipt of the response to the original complaint.

The member of the Leadership Team will make their conclusions and decide on appropriate action to be taken.

The outcome of this appeal will be final.

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