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Green Gym

Exercise to make a difference. TCV created and runs Green Gyms across the UK.

Green fitness

Green Gyms are fun and free outdoor sessions where you will be guided in practical activities such as planting trees, sowing meadows and establishing wildlife ponds.

Unlike other conservation projects, the emphasis is very much on health and fitness – sessions are short, volunteers warm up and cool down in preparation for a range of light to vigorous activities to suit all abilities.

In fact, almost a third more calories can be burnt in some Green Gym sessions than in an average aerobics class!

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Conservation work is my best workout each week

Green Gym volunteer

Health and Wellbeing

The Department of Health and GPs recognise the invaluable impact that Green Gyms can have on those who take part.

GPs now prescribe Green Gym sessions to patients to encourage them to improve their health and wellbeing. By taking part, participants are encouraged to make positive changes to their lifestyle, such as walking and cycling more.

Green Gyms also enhance mental wellbeing through increased contact with nature, the social benefits of group activity and helping people contribute something positive to their community. TCV work closely with partners, including mental health charity Mind, to continually innovate Green Gyms to ensure that they maximise the benefits for participants.

Green Gym helped me to regain the confidence to return to employment and I now have a full-time job

Green Gym volunteer – Portslade Green Gym, East Sussex

Proven to Support Wellbeing

Not only do these sessions improve your health and stamina, they also benefit local green spaces.

Unlike many conventional gyms, taking part in a Green Gym is free and a great social activity too, allowing you to meet new people and work together to transform your local area, while also learning new skills every week.

New paper just released by the University of Westminster and University of Essex shows significant increases in wellbeing after engaging in Green Gym.

See full study - Increased Wellbeing following Engagement in a Group Nature-Based Programme: The Green Gym Programme Delivered by the Conservation Volunteers

There were significant increases in wellbeing after engaging in Green Gym, with the greatest increases in those who had the lowest starting levels of wellbeing. Wellbeing increases were sustained on average 8.5 months and 13 months later in those providing a follow up measure.

Dr N Smyth, Dr Lisa Thorn and Dr. Carly Wood

Green Gym also featured in an innovative study run by the University of Westminster for the BBC2 programme Trust Me I Am A Doctor.

The study monitored changes to the level of the stress hormone cortisol in separate groups of participants taking part in Green Gym, Yoga and Mindfulness sessions. Compared to a similar group of participants that did not engage in any extra activity, the participants in the Green Gym group had an average 20% improvement in cortisol awakening response, which was increased up to 35% in some participants. This study also showed that Green Gym participants reported higher levels of well-being and lower levels of stress.

Just 8 weeks of participation in TCV’s Green Gym showed clear enhancements in the cortisol awakening response which is beneficial for health and well-being. Participants also reported marked reductions in anxiety as well as reduced feeling of stress. This study looked at mental health, however, the physical activity and social nature of Green Gym is likely to have many other health benefits that warrant further research.

Professor Angela Clow, University of Westminster

Green Gyms are growing

The demand for Green Gyms is growing with more launching each year.  With the rise in physical inactivity, isolation and the resulting health issues Green Gyms provide opportunities for people to connect with nature and their community and co-create high quality and sustainable green spaces.

Tempted to try it out? Why not join in with one of TCV’s 100 Green Gyms across the country, get fit, meet new people and transform your local environment and community.

If there isn’t one near you, TCV run lots of other projects for you get to get involved with.  TCV also supports 100’s of community groups through the community network see groups near you here.

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Love it! You always feel so much better after being out in the fresh air, getting your hands dirty… you always have a good laugh!

Roisin from the Benedy Gardening Club Green Gym

Sponsor a Green Gym

Would your organisation like to help the local community by setting up a brand new Green Gym? Or would you like to support one of our established Green Gyms?

TCV has a range of flexible corporate sponsorship options for organisations who would like to work with us.

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