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School Visits and Education

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We book visits on Mondays and Tuesdays as the Park is closed to the public. On these days you will have full use of the facilities.  Site tours can sometimes be fitted in on other days of the week depending on staff availability – please ring or email to enquire.

We are accepting bookings for autumn 2019 and for spring/summer 2020 but please note that we book up very quickly for the spring and summer terms each year. To book a visit, contact Tony on 0208 293 1904 or email

Primary school visits

Primary schools can book visits and enjoy an inspiring, hands-on experience of nature, which is closely tied to the National Curriculum.  We make sure that every class experiences a wide range of plants and animals (mostly minibeast size) but there are seasonal highlights.

You will see or hear a range of birds at any time of year but these will change with the seasons – our summer migrant birds come back to the UK from Africa in April and leave again in September.  Winter migrants arrive here in late September or October.  Birds will be nesting from March onwards.

March and April are good months for willow blossom, spring flowers, frogspawn and tadpoles, newts and minibeasts From late May through to October, we can use sweep nets in the meadows to catch grasshoppers, ladybirds, beetles etc. June to October is the best time to see dragonflies and their nymphs in the water. The wildflower meadows are at their peak in late June and July but there are lots of wetland flowers in May and June.

September and October provide good opportunities for looking at seed dispersal. Pond dipping (using small nets and trays to catch and take a close up look at water invertebrates) can be carried out any time between March and October.

Half-day visit

The wardens take the class on a hands-on guided tour of the Park, focussing on the class topic.  We stop off at different points around the park to take a close-up look at a selection of habitats and the plants and animals they support, which may vary with the time of year. The tour ends with a minibeast and newt hunt in a walk-in meadow.


A tour and minibeast hunt (approximately 10am–12 or 12–2pm) is £75 + VAT.

Day visit

We offer the same hands-on tour as above in the morning plus three group activities in the afternoon (with each group doing each activity for approximately 20 minutes).  These activities can include pond dipping, close up observation and sketching of pond invertebrates, birdwatching with binoculars (we have child-friendly binoculars plus singing bird toys for younger children), fun quizzes on seasonal topics and art activities.


A morning tour, lunch on site and 3 afternoon group activities (approximately 10am – 2.30pm) is £125 + VAT.

Secondary school visits

Please contact the park wardens for more information on and charges for secondary school visits.  We can organise:

  • a meet and greet for students touring the Peninsula for sustainability and geography topics
  • a guided tour of the park
  • a day visit with activities

Please note restrictions on group numbers – the park can only accommodate one class of 30 students at any one time.

* Terms and Conditions

Please note that terms and conditions apply to all visits.