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Snow-Bound Volunteers

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Volunteers in the snow

 The Conservation Volunteers in Haringey braved the snow and sub-zero conditions in January.

 Volunteers had to initially shovel snow away to find the task at Tunnel Gardens in Bounds Green! Bramble dominates the site, and although it’s a great habitat for wildlife, it has engulfed areas that could support other species such as yellow meadow ants which have created ant hills along the wildlife corridor. Volunteers dug the bramble roots out to stop it from growing back and removed the cuttings.

 Michael Bury Community Project Officer for The Conservation Volunteers Haringey says; “There are few undisturbed meadow areas in London, yellow meadow ants are quite rare to the local area and support a food chain that includes green woodpeckers, an endangered species in Britain.”

It is hoped that the green space, which runs upon one of the major rail transport links into London, will eventually become a nature reserve. The Conservation Volunteers will be continuing their work at the Gardens on Tuesday 26 February and welcome new volunteers.