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TCV launches refreshed strategy - Connecting People and Green Spaces 2018-21

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Cover from the new TCV strategy document

TCV has launched its refreshed strategy - Connecting People and Green Spaces 2018-21.

This strategy reflects the views of all parts of the “TCV Community” and we are proud that it was developed with input from our people, funders, partners, trustees and, of course, our volunteers.   

The strategy provides an important reminder of why TCV is here, highlighting both the challenges facing communities in the UK and sharing the individual stories from our varied programmes across the country.

This insight underlined the importance of the outcomes of our work and the need to focus on these rather than purely services and programmes. The four TCV outcomes are:

  • Communities - Communities are stronger, working together to improve the places where people live and tackle the issues that matter to them
  • Environment - Green spaces are created, protected and improved, for nature and for people
  • Health & Wellbeing - People improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, by being outdoors, active and connected with others
  • Learning & Skills - People improve their confidence, skills and prospects, through learning inspired by the outdoors

This refreshed strategy sets out the strategic goals which will help us to deliver our outcomes over the next 3 years, goals which will help us to thrive, achieve more for people and green spaces and continue towards our vision of 'Healthier and Happier Communities for Everyone'.

TCV’s Strategic Goals

  • Inspire more people to make a difference - Through social action that improves green spaces, communities and lives.
  • Secure more support for our work - We will do more to shout about TCV’s great work and secure the support of more donors, funders, partners and volunteers.
  • Use our resources to deliver the greatest impact - We will improve our systems, develop our people and deliver the greatest impact we can using the resources we have.

We hope you enjoy reading more about our strategy for the next 3 years and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our work to create Healthier, Happier Communities for Everyone.