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The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland provide a full range of environmental land management services through our Conservation Action Teams (CATs). Delivered from five different offices, projects can be carried out anywhere in Northern Ireland by teams of staff and trained volunteers.

Examples of services include:

  • Tree and hedgeplanting
  • Fencing
  • Hedgelaying
  • Dry stone walling
  • Shrub and wildflower planting
  • Woodland management
  • Pond construction
  • Living willow structures
  • Shrub clearance
  • Path construction
  • Creating wildlife and community gardens
  • Site maintenance

The Conservation Volunteers provide these services for a range of clients, including:

  • Private landowners
  • Schools
  • Private Sector Businesses
  • Local Authorities
  • Community Associations/Groups

CATs can deliver projects within the guidelines set by authorities, such as the Forest Service and Countryside Management Scheme.

To arrange a site visit, please contact your nearest Conservation Action Team office. During the site visit, advice will be given on the project, including possible designs and materials, where applicable. Following the visit, an estimate of project costs will be prepared, based on details of the project agreed on the visit, listing recommendations for your site. All recommendations are given as best practice with advice on which season the project should take place in and how to minimise the environmental impact of the work to be undertaken.

No work will be undertaken that could result in environmental degradation to a site.

Projects are designed with consideration given to the existing biodiversity of the surrounding environment. Advice can be given on the future management of projects and Conservation Volunteers can provide ongoing maintenance on request.

Clients can contact The Conservation Volunteers with their own project ideas or plans, or to get advice on where to start with a project. Staff can provide advice based on expert knowledge and experience of similar projects.

Further Information

For further information, or to arrange a site visit, please contact your nearest Conservation Action Team office.