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Up to date news and stories from The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland.

The Conservation Volunteers on the road with NIE!
29 January 2014

A new van being presented to The Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers has received a welcome start to the new year as Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) donates a van to their fleet of TCV vehicles.

NIE has partnered The Conservation Volunteers in a number...

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Willows for shade, even when it's raining!
28 January 2014

The finished willow dome

The Belfast Conservation Action Team got off to a very wet start to the week at Primate Dixon Primary School...

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Bring out the 'wildside'
26 January 2014

Community gardeners at Grove Community Garden

The community gardeners at Grove Community Garden had a welcome helping hand this season to bring out the 'wildside' of the garden.

The Grassroots Conservation Group worked alongside the gardeners to...

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Using water wisely
26 January 2014

Folk learning to use water wisely

TCV Health and Communities projects teamed up with Northern Ireland Water to engage with communities to learn more about using...

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Farewell to two friends
25 January 2014

Paul Udeen and Robin McNaul

It is with great sadness that we recently learnt of the passing of two friends.

Robin McNaul

Former Coleraine manager Robin McNaul passed away early on New Year's Day.


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