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Up to date news and stories from The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland.

Building more Natural Communities
30 May 2013

Karen with staff and a group of children at an event

The second month of my placement is at an end already!

Since I last wrote, I've had plenty to keep me busy. I have been out in local schools promoting '...

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Natural Communities Teach Chris a Thing or Two
30 May 2013

Chris with colleagues

This is what Chris Murray – one of our Natural Communities trainees - said about his work recently.

"Having been working with The Conservation Volunteers for a couple of months now, I have been...

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Gortin Wild Weekend
28 May 2013

Young people volunteering

The Conservation Volunteers and Omagh Explorer Scouts recently joined forces in the Gortin Glens, near Omagh for a challenging weekend of outdoor activities.

The weekend involved staying awake for over 24 hours,...

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Making Volunteers Count in Northern Ireland!
26 May 2013

Volunteer Now logo

Volunteer Now, the lead organisation for volunteering in Northern Ireland, is calling on organisations to count the number of volunteers active in their groups as part of the celebrations for the annual Volunteers'...

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Think Compost
29 April 2013

Chris and Corinna at the Young at Heart Exhibition in the Hilton Hotel

The new growing season is underway and The Conservation Volunteers have teamed up with Rethink Waste to deliver a number of composting...

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