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Up to date news and stories from The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland.

Union Locks Clearance Project
26 March 2013

A digger removing sediment from the Lagan Canal

The Lagan Canal links Belfast with Lough Neagh and was constructed to facilitate the transportation of goods and agricultural produce between Belfast and central Ulster. It was...

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More Knockbracken improvements
22 March 2013

Volunteers planting trees at Knockbracken Healthcare Park

The Belfast Conservation Action Team braved the wintery conditions in January to continue clearing Laurel...

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Portglenone Green Gym are recruiting
27 February 2013

Portglenone Green Gym volunteers coppicing

The Portglenone Green Gym started as an outreach project several years ago and since becoming the first licensed Green Gym franchise, the project has gone from strength to strength over recent years.

Proud winners...

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Ballybeen Women's Centre
27 February 2013

Women decorating a planter


During the winter months, The Conservation Volunteers have held weekly workshops class at the Ballybeen Women's Centre involving women from the Ballybeen and Dundonald areas.

Over the past 10...

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Local anglers answer nature's call in South Belfast
26 February 2013

Willis Lake

The Conservation Volunteers have teamed up with a group of fishermen to help reclaim a neglected lake in South Belfast.

Anglers from the Willis Angling and Community Trust have taken on the task of improving the...

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