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TCV believes that our natural heritage is something that everyone can celebrate, enjoy, contribute to, and benefit from. We work with communities across Scotland to improve local places and spaces for people and biodiversity. TCV supports a wide range of grassroots initiatives including community woodland groups, school nature areas, community garden and growing schemes, clean-up campaigns, 'Friends of' groups and many more.

TCV's work with communities can be broadly summed up in two main themes:

Supporting Local Projects

TCV's provides direct support on the ground, organises training courses and sharing & networking events, and provides a wide range of online information and resources within Scotland and as part of our UK-wide Community Network. For more information, click on the link (right).

Partnerships for Communities

TCV also works alongside other partner organisations to bring environmental and other benefits to people in a number of locations. For details of current partnership projects, click on the link (right).


Previous Initiatives

What has happened previously can provide useful lessons for current projects. For example, details of the Natural Communities programme can be found by clicking on the Previous Initiatives link (right).