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There are hundreds of ways to get involved and thousands of projects out there. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.  Remember that our Citizen Science blog regularly posts new ideas and the Scottish Environment website has a project finder tool to help you.

Working with existing projects

Close to you, there will be a Local Nature Reserve, managed through the Local Authority Ranger Service or an area of parkland, woods, moorland or a stretch of river or coast managed by a charity such as the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust or RSPB.  A map of Local Nature Reserves and contacts can be found here.

You could get involved with wildlife recording activities there or monitoring of the physical environment, for example monitoring of rainfall with SEPA, river levels through Scottish Flood Forum and local weather, through programmes such as the Met Office Weather Observation Website.

Working with local Biological Record Centres

Local Biological Records Centres are the focal point for recording local wildlife and regularly run training and surveys that locals can join in with. Their staff are extremely experienced and provide support to submit records and develop identification skills. You can find your local record centre here.

Check out our Scotland Counts project

TCV play a key role in the Scotland Counts project which promotes engagement with Citizen Science throughout Scotland. 

Join OPAL (Open Air Laboratories)

TCV works closely with the OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) project.  OPAL has loads of great surveys and resources to get you involved with Citizen Science.

National Surveys for you to try

Many conservation charities have established UK-wide Citizen Science surveys that the public are encouraged to participate in. Online support, identification guides and resources are available and many of these charities hold local training courses organised though their network of volunteers and supporters that can help individuals or groups build confidence in their recording abilities.

See a comprehensive list of surveys and links to the organisations

Join our practical volunteering projects

Many of our volunteer groups participate in Citizen Science activities whilst carrying out practical environmental projects, find out more about our conservation volunteer teams.

Check out our citizen science resources

We have produced a range of resources with further information on everything from integrating Citizen Science with accredited awards, to a Teachers' Toolkit.