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Food Growing

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Food growing and community gardening has something to benefit everyone and getting involved can help you by:

  • Promoting healthier lifestyles through physical exercise and improved diet
  • Reducing food bills and increasing levels of disposable income (saving you money!)
  • Reducing stress levels and supporting improved mental health through hands on involvement.
  • Meeting new people in your community
  • Offering opportunities for life long learning

TCV Scotland run a number of programmes, such as Community Green Gyms, School Green Gyms and Space to Grow, to benefit and raise awareness and appreciation of the environment and local food production. 

For example, our developing Space to Grow programme is specifically tailored towards engaging with local housing associations and tenant groups in making a positive contribution to their shared spaces.  Space to Grow addresses environmental, personal, educational, social and health circumstances in the local community and provide innovative and interactive solutions to combat attributable factors such as:

  • Limited knowledge and confidence in using fresh fruit and vegetables both preparing and cooking healthy food
  • Restricted access to and consumption of healthy food – through lack of knowledge or financial constraints
  • Lack of awareness of the impact a healthy diet has on physical and mental health

Grow Your Own Food Guide

Our handy food growing booklet gives you a lot of information about what to grow, when and where. This booklet also shows you how to take positive action in your own space, on your allotment and with your community. Whatever space you have, from a large garden to a small window box, there is something for you to grow.


TCV would welcome discussing opportunities in your local area for health focussed community food growing projects. Please contact:

David Graham, Business Development Manager 

Mobile: 07764 655715