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Community Green Gyms

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TCV Scotland is developing Green Gym community groups on two fronts.

This new and innovative approach recognises that communities wishing to improve their own health and well being, and their local environment, will need different levels of support. 

This page outlines how a Green Gym in your community can be established to be self-sustaining by training and supporting local volunteers to run their own weekly Green Gym programme. For those groups already established, including those belonging to our Community Network, contact us for further information.

Who is it for?

This approach to setting up a Green Gym group is suited to communities where:

  • Local people already have some of the skills and confidence needed to run a Green Gym, for example, organisational skills.
  • People have prior experience of volunteering.
  • There is a culture of people being engaged in their local community.

Once a group has been established, they can support the involvement of more vulnerable members of the local community, such as people with learning difficulties. There are many examples of where this already happens in Green Gyms across the UK.

What are the benefits?

A Green Gym community group enables local people to: 

  • Increase levels of physical activity
  • Improve mental and physical health
  • Develop new skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Improve the local environment
  • Build a stronger community through people volunteering alongside their neighbours, and working with others


To find out more, please contact:

David Graham, Business Development Manager 

Mobile: 07764 655715