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About TCV in the South East

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Welcome to our local website for our operations in South East England.

The Conservation Volunteers is the community volunteering charity.  We were formed in 1959.

Our Purpose is to work together with people, communities and partners to deliver practical actions that have a lasting impact on people’s health, prospects and outdoor places.

Through the work we do, we support, encourage and celebrate volunteers and volunteering. We focus on helping people to give some of their time, skills and enthusiasm, to protect and care for their local environment - the parks, woods and other green spaces that we see and use every day. We do this by providing individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, opportunities and confidence to do so.

Our work locally is co-ordinated by a friendly team of 22 staff (not all full-time) and four key volunteers.  We have offices in Bursledon (near Southampton), Croydon, Hastings, Reading and Worthing.

Owning no land, TCV provides a unique bridge between individuals and their environment, by linking volunteers and land managers, including local authorities and other public bodies, community groups, schools and private landowners.

Our activities result in a wide range of improvements for local communities, achieved through using the environment to deliver social, educational and health-related outcomes. Most of this work helps to protect or enhance local biodiversity, mitigate the effects of climate change, or improve access or interpretation of greenspaces, to enable people to enjoy them more.

In the South East of England in 2015 we directly worked with 1,638 different, registered volunteers.  We carried out 13,415 days of work on 206 sites, taking part in 1,761 projects whilst directly supporting 130 local groups and organisations. 365 groups were also members of the TCV Community Network and received further support as a result of this.

Locally we provide a wide range of second-tier support to local community groups. We also set up new groups, normally with a view to ensuring their ability to effectively operate independently of TCV within two years, with their management and control being handed over to their members, who are generally local people living in the locations where they’re based.

In addition, we run training courses and workshops, Green Gyms and a range of one-day conservation projects that are open to everyone. We also deliver Employee Community Engagement Days in partnership with businesses and other organisations.

Lots more information about who we are and what we do can be found on our national website.