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If you want to volunteer with us, either individually or with a small group of friends, family members or colleagues, then the easiest way is to join one of our existing projects.  We provide a mixture of practical projects and family-friendly events, both during the week and at the weekends.

Most of these opportunities are free and we run them in a professional but fun, friendly and positive way.  New members are always very welcome and no experience is necessary.

Most people find becoming a conservation volunteer is worthwhile, great fun and helps them to feel both fitter and happier.  For many it becomes an activity that stays with them all their lives.  We look foward to meeting you!

For more information, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Day Projects
Our familiar programme of one-day long projects that tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and access to nature.

Employee Supported Volunteering
If you want to volunteer with us with the support of your employer, please get in touch.  We can offer opportunities for both small groups, as well as major events for over 200 people.

Green Gyms
Practical projects that normally last up to half a day, where the focus is on improving the physical health and general well-being of those involved.

Key Volunteer Opportunities
Up for a bigger challenge? For people who want to work alongside our staff team and help with all aspects of our work, whilst picking up training and valuable experience doing something worthwhile and fun.

Tree Life Centre
Grow trees from seeds collected locally and grown on-site which are then planted on local community sites with the suppport of its own volunteer team.

Training Courses & Workshops
Training programmes to teach people more about their environment, learn practical skills and how to organise conservation volunteering projects.

The Conservation Volunteers Community Network
Nearly 200 local community groups in the South West are members of the TCV Community Network; many run their own regular programmes of practical projects. (Please note that TCV does not co-ordinate or organise these itself.)