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Volunteers shall be allowed to carry out any role in The Conservation Volunteers as long as:

  • the role fulfils a specified need
  • the volunteer has the required skills and experience
  • there are sufficient resources available to support the volunteer

When the volunteer has been accepted into a role they should have all reasonable expenses covered. This includes travel, personal protective clothing, training and learning materials.

The Conservation Volunteers sets high standards of behaviour for our staff and volunteers and does not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour.

If an incident occurs we will talk to the people involved in private and explain exactly what we would like them to change in their behaviour.

When they understand and change they are very welcome in The Conservation Volunteers activities. If they do not respond positively to repeated requests to change their behaviour, they will be asked to leave the activity.

If anyone behaves in a way to commit serious misconduct (violence, theft, drug abuse, non-compliance with safety plan, harassment, etc.) they will be asked to leave immediately.

All volunteers and employees have a responsibility to comply with this policy.