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Grow Your Tenner for Hollybush!

We are currently taking part in Localgiving's Grow Your Tenner match fund campaign. This means that, from 10am on 14th October, through our Localgiving page, any donation you make will be matched with up to £10!

If you donate £5, it becomes £10. If you donate £10, it becomes £20. And if you sign up for £10 a month, it's doubled for the first six months - that's £120! If just eight people did this we'd have £1000, which would be an enormous support to the work that we do.

£10 can providebus fares, tea and coffee to fuel our volunteers

£20 will get usvital tools and PPE for a conservation volunteer

£45 could buy50 mixed native hedgerow trees, allowing nature to thrive

Pathfinder Bushcraft - now recruiting!


This is a personal development course that uses bushcraft to increase confidence, motivation and direction - and encourage conservation. Six sessions will cover fire and shelter, basic navigation, looking after woodland, watching wildlife and trees and their uses.

Interested? Contact Eric Yaffey on 0113 2399923 or 07740 899 723 or e-mail e.yaffey@tcv.org.uk to find out more.

Volunteering at Hollybush

Now recruiting for Volunteer Officers!

Hollybush Conservation Centre is home to The Conservation Volunteers in Leeds.

You can volunteer with Hollybush every day of the week if you like. There is always something going on, whether its going out with one of our practical teams (Tuesday to Friday every week) to do some hands-on conservation work, supporting our students on the gardening course or helping around the gardens at Hollybush.

This week's tasks:

Tuesday 28th: Skelton lagoon 21 habitat management tasks AND Bardsey Primary School cutting back the pond area, trimming the hedge and re-weaving the willow structures

Wednesday 29th: Building some raised beds at Moor Allerton Primary School

Thursday 30th: Skelton lagoon 21 habitat management tasks AND building some raised beds at Moor Allerton Primary School

Friday 31st: Mystery halloween task :-) oooooooooooh!

See you soon!

How to find us

We undertake a wide range of conservation activities and provide lots of opportunities for volunteers. Hollybush has a unique atmosphere. Our work standards are high but we have a relaxed and sociable approach which makes this a great place to be. Why not join us and discover it for yourself?

Contact our volunteer coordinator Jess to find out how you can get involved today.

What's in it for you?

  • Personal development
  • A stepping stone to a career in the environment sector
  • Learn practical skills
  • Gain experience in volunteer co-ordination and project management
  • Receiving formal training through our training programmes

More information about volunteering

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