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Last month, The Conservation Volunteers made a promise that we would continue to be here for our volunteers and supporters as the UK went into lockdown, and that our team of staff would continue to manage the community green spaces that we all draw so much from.

During this time of physical distancing, there have been some heart-warming stories hitting the headlines that show the community spirit that has been reignited during this difficult time.

We wanted to share some of the work that TCV have been doing to protect our green spaces, and to help those within our local communities.

TCV in Belfast

Our teams in Belfast have been supporting their local communities by repurposing their TCV vans to transport essential food and household goods parcels.

Local Councillors and other community groups across Belfast have been ensuring that no family goes without food in these challenging times, and our volunteers have been more than happy to help out.

TCV in Scotland

This year, Easter was without the usual celebration due to physical distancing. However, that did not stop one of our key volunteers getting into the Easter spirit.

Craig helps our Camelon CAN project, based in Falkirk, and has been collecting and delivering food for people in the area.

Over the Easter weekend, Craig helped to deliver donated Easter eggs to local children – starting with those in isolation and then opening it up to the wider community due to the amount of eggs that were donated.

Over 280 Facebook messages were received on the Saturday night and Craig needed support from other volunteers on Easter Sunday.

“It was a great seeing all the kids faces and making the happy in a time when they can’t go out. They were all waving from their windows shouting “Thanks Mister!” I just loved it,” said Craig.

And it’s not just our volunteers that are still hard at work…

TCV have become the first Scottish delivery partners, with Glasgow as the first Scottish city, to host the Naturehood project by Earthwatch Europe. After building a successful partnership, TCV will pilot the scheme in Glasgow, with the focus of connection people and nature – a perfect fit!

At TCV, we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we emerge from this crisis successful and ready to get straight back into connecting people and green spaces, and news like this keeps us all positive and optimistic about life after the COVID-19 virus.

TCV in Leicester

Our team in Leicester have been distributing ‘Hope’ plants for people to take home to grow in their gardens, such as the sycamore and sunflower seeds below.

 We have been distributing ‘Hope’ plants as well as setting up a ‘round robin’ newsletter that is aimed at keeping our groups members and residents united and gives them the opportunity.

Sarah Measures – Senior Project Officer with TCV

TCV in South Yorkshire

The team in South Yorkshire are still undertaking operational activities in support of essential green space management as part of our partnership with the Land Trust. These green spaces suffered greatly after the flooding that hit Yorkshire last winter, therefore it is vital that they are still maintained and cared for at this time.

The team manage 465 hectares of green spaces across South Yorkshire, and by caring and protecting these spaces at this time, means that they will be ready for the local residents to enjoy once again once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, and our volunteer sessions can commence as soon as possible.

TCV in Camden, London

Like many other groups across the country, TCV Camden have been helping the collection and distribution of food parcels for the vulnerable members of the local community.

To make sure that all their volunteers and supports remain in contact through this period of physical distancing, the team are sending regular newsletters with tips and hints to stay active at home and let those who are able to help of volunteering opportunities in the community.

What else?

This is just a snapshot of the activity that is still happening across the country, it would be a great task to share absolutely everything.

We have created a new activities page on our website full of fun things for you and your family to do at home to remain connected to nature.

Stay up to date with everything that is happening at TCV via our Twitter page.

Also, make sure to check our website for messages from TCV as the Government update us on the physical distancing measures.

We all understand how difficult this period of isolation can be, and we look forward to getting back to our green spaces as soon as it is safe to.

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