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Short Courses

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The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland runs an on-going programme of short self-contained short courses, often over one or two days, covering many subjects relevant to understanding and improving the environment.

Practical Skills

Practical skills training events provide the skills to improve many aspects of the rural and urban environment safely to a good standard and are the backbone of any conservation project.

Examples of practical skills training include:

  • Hedgelaying
  • Dry stone walling
  • Fencing
  • Path construction
  • Wooden structures such as gates and bridges
  • Pond construction
  • Tools and safe tool use
  • Chainsaw use
  • Basket making
  • Habitat Management

Training events provide understanding and knowledge of many different habitats and the species in them including species identification.

Survey methods and the development of habitat management plans and the skills needed to retain or enhance biodiversity, can be developed from an initial understanding of species and habitats.

Examples of habitat management skills training include:

  • Pond creation
  • Woodland management
  • Meadow creation and management
  • River enhancement
  • Site surveys
  • Habitat management plans
  • Plant and species identification
  • Leadership and Management

Training to help develop abilities to lead and organise others in a range of situations is an important skill which is sometimes overlooked.

Examples of leadership and management skills training include:

  • Leadership of practical conservation projects
  • Project planning
  • First aid
  • Basic site safety
  • Health and safety

Availability and Prior Knowledge Requirements of the Short Course Programme

The short course programme requires no prior knowledge and courses are advertised on this web site when available.