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A better environment is at the core of everything The Conservation Volunteers do and we work to give everyone access to a good quality natural environment where biodiversity is enhanced, and environmental inequalities, along with the social and economic consequences, are minimised.

The environment is under greater pressure than ever before with growing concerns about climate change and loss of biodiversity. Our ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources are the "natural capital" that underpins economies, societies and individual well-being, however not enough is being done to address the huge environmental problems the world faces. 

We dedicate over 30,000 volunteer workdays each year to protecting and improving Northern Ireland’s environment. This helps to improve urban and rural habitats, designated sites, enhances areas of outstanding natural beauty and maintains priority habitats, as well as public open-spaces and school grounds.

Our work to maintain habitats, create new habitats and link existing habitats together, contributes to halting the loss of biodiversity and achieving landscape-scale conservation.

The impacts of climate change are mitigated by managing ecosystems more effectively as carbon stores and sinks and TCV has a major role in mobilising individuals and communities to help manage habitats such as peatlands and woodlands which contributes to reducing Northern Ireland’s carbon emissions, as well as promoting pro-environmental behaviour such as recycling to all those we work with.

Conservation Volunteers also uses the environment as a focus for community involvement, education, training and skills development and for improved health. The ability and willingness to help anyone who wants to improve the environment is The Conservation Volunteers unique service and selling point.