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Our local biodiversity is under pressure. Threats from things like housing development, changes in farming practices, climate change and over-grazing are causing a decline in species numbers and loss of habitat.

You can also view our opportunities to get involved or see what training courses we have to offer.

The UK government has signed up to an agreement with other EU countries to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010. How does it want to achieve this ambitious target? It is using Species Action Plans (SAPs) and Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) to identify threats and to highlight the way forward. Each plan, written by a group of experts from government agencies and non-governmental organisations, contains a list of measurable targets that can be used to see if we are being successful or not.

But, the government can’t do it on its own! It is also down to individuals, businesses and local groups to try to do their bit in protecting our local biodiversity. Anybody who owns land - a farm, a garden or a balcony - can contribute! And even if you own no land, there are many ways in which you can help.

There will be a number of ways that we can help you help our local biodiversity. Our biodiversity team will be working on a number of habitats across Northern Ireland, surveying, carrying out practical work and monitoring the effect of that work. We will also run training courses for land managers, organising some lectures on biodiversity-related issues and producing lots of up-to-date information about our wonderful local wildlife.