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The environment is under more pressure than ever before. Loss of habitat, changes in land management, increased levels of domestic waste, expanding urban development and increased use of vehicles all add together to have a major adverse impact on the environment of Northern Ireland.

Many of these local activities also contribute to global environmental problems such as climate change.

The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland works across the province to involve people in a positive way to build understanding of the environment and to bring about positive environmental change.

From our network of local offices in Belfast, Coleraine, Fermanagh, L/Derry and Bangor, we provide advice, support, training and information as well as practical environmental improvements including tree planting, dry stone walling, path creation, woodland management, pond construction, hedgelaying, building school nature areas and creating informal urban open spaces.

For more information about fundraising and other events, please contact us on 028 9064 5169 or at

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