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The Conservation Volunteers have been growing native trees from locally collected seed for nearly 30 years at our tree nursery at Clandeboye Estate near Bangor. After a major review of the tree nursery operation in early 2014, we have decided to refocus our tree nursery activities on producing more local provenance native trees for a number of major partners such as the Woodland Trust and for our own tree planting projects.

Unfortunately this means that in future the tree nursery will not be open to the public for the sale of trees. We realise that many people found this service very useful and we are sorry for any inconvenience that this change may cause.

Our aim is to increase the production of local provenance native trees grown from seed collected in Northern Ireland and we are able to offer two main services:

Tree planting service

TCV continues to provide a tree planting service to landowners across Northern Ireland. We can supply any quantity of native trees required for tree planting projects we are undertaking for private landowners, schools, community groups and public bodies. If you are thinking of planting an area of trees we can give advice on your site and the best mixture of trees to plant. All of the trees we supply to biodiversity/ environmental projects will be grown in the UK and Ireland from locally sourced seed. To arrange a site visit contact your nearest office:

  • Belfast Region & County Armagh - Tel: 028 9064 5169
  • County Down - Tel: 028 9185 2817
  • County Fermanagh and Tyrone - Tel: 028 6862 8184
  • County Antrim - Tel: 028 7035 5352
  • County Derry/Londonderry - Tel: 028 7126 2664

Native tree growing service

If you need native local provenance trees grown for a specific project, we are happy to help and can grow trees to order. Seed can sometimes be collected from a specific area close to the final planting site. Generally it will take at least two years and sometimes three years, to collect and grow tree seed to produce whips for a tree planting project.   

Contact our tree nursery at 028 9185 3570 to discuss your requirements.

Tree-related advice

Visit our biodiversity advice pages for tree- and hedge-related information.

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Telephone: 028 9185 3570
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