NatWest staff at Stave Hill working with TCV

RBS Team Challenge

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TCV have been working in partnership with RBS for 10 years, during which time over 16,500 RBS employees have volunteered through the Team Challenge initiative, generating the equivalent of an incredible 115,000 volunteering hours.

Since 2007 the bank's employees from across the UK have undertaken vital conservation projects. Together they have helped to deliver hundreds of projects which make a difference for thousands of people in local communities every single day of the year.

Working together, TCV provides RBS employees with the opportunity to contribute energy, skills and time to their local community and supports them in becoming a more engaged, healthy and inclusive workforce.

We have only reached the 6-month point and our 2017 Team Challenge programme has already set new records – with 4,000 spaces already booked by teams to volunteer at TCV projects around the UK!

So far this year teams have supported 25 projects taking place in a variety of special locations from hospitals, to Ecology parks, community woodlands to urban parks…each one making a huge difference to the local community

A group of volunteers from NatWestWhether as a part of a big or small team – everyone has worked incredibly hard to make a real difference every single day, and your enthusiasm and energy will add up to make a huge collective impact at the end of the year.

TCV love having you volunteer. Without your support we really couldn’t achieve all the things we do.

And you help us do so much - did you know that in 2016?

  • TCV worked with over 100,000 people who want to care for their local green spaces
  • We managed over 15,000 projects, tasks and events
  • We supported over 1,500 community groups
  • We helped to distribute and plant 250,000 trees in towns and cities

August Team Challenge news

Volunteers taking a breakWell, in some parts of the country is was a rather cool and wet August, but thanks to the 500+ bank colleagues who didn’t opt for the full summer off and actually spent a day with TCV through the Team Challenge getting busy outdoors.

It was a great month, with some brilliant projects and tasks delivered.

Thanks to Darren in commercial healthcare, August saw our first team of the year out in Liverpool (we would love to see more)… a great picture of the team taking a well deserved break and enjoying one of our sunnier summer days.

And just to dispel the myth that it’s always sunnier in the south, we had to include a picture of Josh’s team at Stave Hill, looking a tad damp….but clearly loving it.

Volunteers in the rain

Obviously demonstrating they had the “X Factor” on the day!

Working in partnership with TCV over the last 10 years has really helped us to continue making a difference in our local communities. Our employees always look forward to volunteering with TCV who are experts in the field of conservation volunteering.

Ross McEwan, CEO, RBS

Team Challenge survey

And finally, please remember to complete your feedback form at the end of your team challenge day, we love to read your comments, thoughts and suggestions. If you have forgotten, you can complete the survey on your internal intranet - it only takes 2 minutes (login in to the RBS account to access).