A Day in the Life of a TCV Volunteer: Megan Mclntyre’s Story

Here at TCV we take pride in the fact that we have a wide range of volunteers from all walks of life. One of our recent volunteers, Megan Mclntyre, is an international student with a passion for sustainability and environmental issues. Megan was able to find the perfect outlet for her interests in our community garden in Enfield, North London. This is Megan’s Story:

Working at the TCV Enfield community garden was a truly transformative experience. Together, we tackled gardening projects including filling hotbeds with manure and constructing natural trellises from tree branches. I was also able to apply my business knowledge to work on marketing projects for TCV. These hands-on activities not only deepened my understanding of horticulture and sustainable practices, but connected me with a diverse group of individuals who shared my enthusiasm for the environment.

Community is Key

I worked alongside volunteers who shared their extensive knowledge of native plants and sustainable gardening practices. They taught me new techniques and with their passion and dedication, they reminded me of the importance of individual contributions to larger environmental goals. However, one of the most valuable lessons I learned was the importance of community. While it is essential that everyone does what they can to tackle larger issues like climate change, teamwork is necessary to truly make progress. The TCV Enfield community garden thrives not only from individual efforts but because of the collective dedication and collaboration of its members. It was truly rewarding to contribute to this cause, aligning with my greater passion for addressing and reducing environmental issues.

Besides gaining technical gardening skills, my time with TCV enriched my experience abroad by allowing me to connect with people from all backgrounds. Our team collaborated on various tasks, from daily activities like transplanting trees and sowing seeds, to long-term projects such as constructing planters and composting. These experiences allowed me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, broadening my perspective and enhancing my communication skills. I learned how to effectively convey ideas, listen actively, and appreciate different viewpoints. These interactions were invaluable in deepening my understanding of global environmental issues from a local standpoint. After seeing the incredible benefits that a shared sense of purpose brings to a community, I am now motivated to improve my own community and foster tight-knit relationships among its members.

As I return to the United States and continue my studies at the University of Notre Dame, I am eager to apply the skills and knowledge I gained from my time at the TCV Enfield community garden. I plan to get involved in local sustainability projects and community gardens, using my experience to promote environmental awareness and action. Additionally, I hope to advocate for more community-focused environmental initiatives on campus, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainability goals.

Megan’s Environmental Journey Continues

Looking ahead to my future career in accounting, I plan to take my passion for the environment with me into the business world. I hope to inspire companies to improve their ability to adhere to sustainability initiatives. I will advocate for environmentally responsible practices within the corporate sector. By promoting transparency and accountability, I hope to guide companies toward more sustainable operations and help them understand the long-term benefits of these initiatives. The skills and perspectives I gained from my time at TCV will be instrumental in this endeavour, as they have equipped me with the tools to communicate effectively, collaborate with diverse groups, and drive meaningful change.

My time at the TCV Enfield community garden was an enriching and unforgettable experience that not only expanded my environmental knowledge but also fostered significant personal growth. The relationships I built and the lessons I learned will undoubtedly influence my future endeavours in the field of sustainability. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing my journey towards making a positive impact on our planet and communities.

If you would like to get involved with TCV you can find our closest opportunities to you here.

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