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Green Team Events

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Many organisations and employers are now interested in taking a day out of work to undertake team building activities and allow work colleagues to work on something completely different in a setting completely removed from their everyday work environment.

The natural environment offers good opportunities for team-building events, which can be either informal days doing practical conservation work or more focused with initiative activities based around the building blocks of a team or other team or management models.

The Conservation Volunteers can provide a wide range of opportunities for people to become involved in the environment as a team activity.

Practical teamwork events

Environmental improvements can be implemented quite quickly and even a few hours work can show a marked improvement to the appearance of the work site giving satisfaction to those involved. Team activities can be organised for any number of people and any level of physical ability. Examples of possible activities include:

  • A community tree planting event
  • Dry stone walling
  • Work on a school wildlife area.
  • Work on plant propagation at our tree nursery
  • Team-building events with a training input

More formal events with training input built around the different aspect of group dynamics, leadership or teamwork can also be provided. Practical activities can include either environmental work and initiative exercises in an outdoor setting.

Availability and Prior Knowledge Requirements for Green Team Events

Green Team Events can be organised to suit any ability and can range in length from several hours to several days depending on requirements.

Many Green Team Events take place at our venue on the Clandeboye Estate near Bangor, where the beautiful landscape of woodlands and lakes offer an ideal setting for any event. At Clandeboye, we can also provide catering and there is accommodation for anyone wanting a longer event.

Venues in other parts of Northern Ireland can also be arranged.

Green Team Events are arranged to suit the requirements of those involved.