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Tree Nursery

We grow local provenance native trees from seeds, to protect our natural woodlands. Volunteer to help us with our vital conservation work.

Northern Ireland has only 8% tree cover, one of the lowest in Europe. Our work ensures that conservation areas are protected and woodland cover is increased.

Growing native trees from seed - Grow with us!

From hand picked seed to reforesting Northern Ireland, TCV’s Tree Nursery have been growing native provenance trees for over 30 years with the help of volunteers just like you.

Ground yourself with us. Like the tree we spread our roots, ground ourselves in the community and make connections to the earth below; we reach out with our branches and unfurl our leaves in the sun. Like the forest we support each other, we bask in the glow of our planets’ star and know that our actions are making a positive change to our environment.

Be part of this change! Improve your mental health and contribute to reforesting Northern Ireland one little tree at a time! Beautiful things will grow if we connect and protect the earth through our canopy of shared experience.

Volunteer with us

Protecting our natural heritage

Our mission is to protect the genetic heritage of our Northern Irish trees and increase biodiversity while connecting people with their environment.   

Provenance is key for biodiversity; local trees support our microorganisms, fungi and insects, they provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals, and through their roots help establish a beneficial underground information highway.

The mighty oak as an example supports over 2300 species of insect, fungi, birds, small mammals etc, 320 of which are only found on oak and a further 229 rarely found elsewhere.

Some very rare native species like Alder Buckthorn, Ash and Juniper need special protection. In response our tree nursery has recently started a Protected Species Programme with the aim of establishing protected seed orchards. Eventually we hope to increase the numbers out in the wild, in parks and protected green space around the country.

Why we should plant local trees

Seasonally varied work - join in!

Our growing team of volunteers are the heart of our operation – be a part of what we do. Tackle climate change and increase the numbers of native trees grown by giving a few hours a week.

Volunteer with us

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Want to learn how to grow your own trees?

Learn to grow native trees using sets of simple instructions. Identify trees, collect seeds, sow and plant. Follow our tree-growing ‘recipes’ to success.