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Volunteering at Skelton Grange

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Whether you have a year to spare, or just a day, volunteering at Skelton Grange can be a fun and enriching experience. Watch our video below and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information.

Volunteering placements

Many people have used volunteering here as a springboard to launching a career in the environment sector or teaching.  At Skelton we aim to provide the opportunity for volunteers to develop new skills and demonstrate existing ones. Volunteers can then apply for jobs with confidence that they have real work experience behind them. Find out more about regular volunteering.

Volunteering events and practical days

We run a range of events to enable people to get involved. These include practical volunteering days every Friday when there is a chance to join the 'Green Team' to help develop and maintain the wildlife area at Skelton Grange. We also are running Wild Walk sessions as well as other practical and surveying based events.  You can come for a one off day or every week – it's a great chance to get involved and learn new skills, and no previous experience is needed!

Employee Action Days

Companies are increasingly committed to demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Organising an Employee Action Day is an excellent way to give something back to the local community and the environment; at the same time as giving a fantastic opportunity for staff team building and personal development outside of the normal working environment.

Friends of Skelton Grange

Our work at Skelton Grange Environment Centre is also keenly supported by the Friends of Skelton Grange, also known as the Slug Group.