Delivering Your ESG & CSR Commitments: Join TCV’s Phenomenally Successful I Dig Trees Partnership Programme

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Are you looking for a way to plant trees on behalf of your organisation?

TCV has a solution for you through I Dig Trees. Be part of the biggest network of pocket forests in the UK – you can support nature to thrive and help combat climate change.

We’ll do the sourcing and distributing of trees for you, all you have to do is sign up!

Get in touch to plant trees today.

You’ll provide the ability for communities across the UK to plant your trees in local green areas.

By supporting I Dig Trees, you’ll make an incredible environmental impact as well as support the communities who take part in this growing programme. Read on to understand why this is so important.

What is I Dig Trees ?

I Dig Trees is a grassroots initiative with national impact – we aim to provide 5 million trees across the UK by 2025. The idea is simple: by planting trees, communities proactively help combat climate change, improve local air quality, and create a greener, healthier environment for people and wildlife.

TCV’s I Dig Trees initiative has seen a tidal wave of support, gaining unprecedented momentum with hundreds of thousands of local residents, schools, and community groups joining forces to plant pocket forests; creating wildlife corridors and bringing communities together for a common good.

I Dig Trees corporate support button

As we continue to face the challenges posed by biodiversity loss and climate change, it’s so incredibly heartening to see communities coming together to take positive action, planting trees in their millions in community green spaces across the UK. Thinking globally whilst acting locally.

The phenomenal success, so far

Thanks to the tireless efforts of hundreds of thousands of community volunteers and the fantastic support of OVO, Mayor of London, South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and NatWest we’ve already made significant progress towards our goal. To date, we’ve planted millions of trees with many more planting events scheduled for the coming tree-planting season…

But here’s the thing: unprecedented demand for our free trees is outstripping the number of trees pledged by our supporters. We’ve received requests from thousands of community groups who want to get involved and plant trees in their neighbourhoods this year, but we need to match this demand with funding for more native trees. That’s where you come in!

Partner with us

Could your organisation consider partnering with us to plant trees? We’ll work with you to ensure that your contribution makes an impact – leaving a lasting, thriving green legacy.

Get in touch and pledge your support today.

If you cannot support tree planting right now, please help by spreading the word: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about TCV’s I Dig Trees programme and our CSR or ESG opportunities for support.

Share our posts on social media, or simply tell people about the great work we’re doing. You can keep up to date with the latest activities by following us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram. You can also sign up to receive our Greenzine newsletter for more ways to get involved.

We hope to hear from you soon. For climate, wildlife and communities – #IDigTrees!

TCV I Dig Trees collage of community planters

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