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Volunteers Week is a chance for us to put the spotlight on the fantastic people who are at the core of our work – TCV volunteers!

All volunteers are heroes – donating their time to another person or cause because they have a passion. At TCV, we are incredibly lucky to have 51,429 of them who are dedicated to delivering outcomes for the environment and their local community.

TCV is grateful for each person who comes out, rain or shine, to their local green space to help improve or maintain it. By doing so, they are also delivering outcomes for themselves: developing their skills and improving their health and wellbeing.

These outcomes multiply when volunteers support others too, which is a really important part of the social benefits of volunteering in a group. We are thankful to those who know by volunteering, they can pass on their practical task guidance or spend time talking over a cup of tea to alleviate someone’s anxiety.

Volunteers at Sanderstead Pond, Croydon

TCV volunteers feel connected to their community and want to see local people benefit from their conservation efforts. They care for the environment and know that their spare hours spent planting trees or creating homes for wildlife will benefit us all.

Volunteers make a difference

Volunteers deserve an even bigger thank you during this past year of Covid-19.

Many of our volunteers haven’t been able to go back to their regular volunteering sessions with us but have helped their local community with food deliveries, or cheered up children in their neighbouring streets.

‘Micro-volunteering’ has been just as impactful throughout the year. For example, researching ways to make gardens more bee or hedgehog friendly is a way of volunteering for the environment from home.

With TCV’s nature-based activity resources, volunteers have been able to connect with nature in their own time and inspire the next generation of environment-lovers too.

Where we have resumed our sessions, some volunteers took the lead to get sites back up and running and ensure they were COVID-secure for others.

Here are just a few examples of why we’re so thankful for our brilliant volunteers:

Carolโ€™s passion to transform a small unassuming green space in a simple but impactful way has had a knock-on effect within the neighbourhood. Her project of transforming an unloved car park has expanded to include renovating other neglected small green spaces in the areas.

Carol, TCV Adur & Worthing

Morag has shown her caring nature by applying forand securing, funds throughout lockdown. Even with tighter restrictions she has ploughed on creating projects that can allow some of the most vulnerable people in her local area get involved in activities at Countess of Chester Country Park.

She is an inspirational person doing her bit for the people in the community where she lives and volunteers.

Morag, TCV Merseyside

The park has started a wonderful transformation for people and wildlife through the dedication of the volunteers. The impact on the community is shown by their appreciation. People regularly stop to chat and thank the volunteers for their efforts, and some of those who stopped to chat are now volunteers!

The park is on a journey to become a wonderful community resource, where people can connect with nature, exercise and relax, a place that the community can be proud of.

Hull Road Park volunteers, TCV York

Whether you’re a regular volunteer, Community Network group, or someone who gives their time to one-off projects through their employer, school or other organisation, you all make your local green space accessible for your local community.

You add joy to other volunteers’ days. You increase biodiversity. You champion the benefits of connecting with nature. You’re a hero and we thank you.

Feeling inspired? Find a TCV project in your local area here.

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